about us

Hello! Thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Mandi, and I'm the queen behind Passport to Wonderland. As a traditionally trained artist, I design everything  cuties, backgrounds, patterns and all. First I hand draw on paper then again on a Wacom tablet. I find inspiration everyday as plan and record falling down the rabbit hole. As a long time planner user, stationary addict and lover of the pen, I found the planner community on YouTube in December 2014.

My planner is my passport to life, and wonderland is this crazy adventure of life. We might get lost, meet some odd characters or even have to battle monsters. But we also learn to celebrate everyday, appreciate the little things and find our own way.

Passport to Wonderland HQ is located in downtown Seattle's South Lake Union area with neighbors including Amazon, Facebook, Expedia and many other online empires. The idea of starting an Etsy shop began over ten years ago when Etsy was still a tiny little startup in New York that no one had heard about. As a member of the Threadbanger forums, I quickly grew to love all things handmade for their unique qualities and the way that owning a small business can change someone's life. Fast forward to May 2016, our shop opened on Etsy. After an incredible launch sale and encouraged by all the amazing feedback and reviews of our stickers, we set off to open our own website shop in July of 2016. And the next chapter of this story? Well, it's still being written...

We love to hear from you! Contact us support@passporttowonderland.com

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